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My name is Jacqueline Holtsnider and I'm a passionate about improving the lives of others through design. I am constently learning new things and love meeting people who are motivated to make an impact on the world.

I am a front-end developer and graphic designer by trade, and have recently found myself delving into the world of UX. I have learnt a lot of the process, concepts and theories of UX/UI and product design through attending workshops, reading blogs, and applying these to projects in my spare time and at work. I am able to see both the bigger picture and the details and enjoy working on products end to end, from ideation all the way to development.


"I had the pleasure of working alongside Jacqueline for a few months as UX consultants on a web redesign project for EdCuration. Jacqueline’s talents as a UX designer were obvious from the very beginning. I really appreciated how organized and focused she was when leading team meetings. She worked hard behind the scenes and always brought creative ideas and solid design work to the table. Her commitment to user-centered design really shone through when it came to planning and carrying out user interviews and usability testing – Jacqueline had a knack for making people feel at ease. Not only was she a great designer to work with, what makes Jacqueline really stand out from others in the field is her experience as a web developer – I turned to Jacqueline many times when it came to questions revolving around development technologies and practicalities. In the end, she really contributed to the success of our team and the project, and I would recommend her for any who’s looking for a full-stack designer to add to their team."

-Tania Delongchamp, UX/UI Designer

"Jacqueline and I worked together as consultants on a three-month UX design project for EdCuration where we spent a lot of time collaborating throughout the design process. Working with Jacqueline was incredibly easy -- she was very organized and had attention to detail which kept our project on task. Even though her strengths lay on the design side, Jacqueline wasn't opposed to rolling up her sleeves and familiarizing herself with the research side. Jacqueline took the lead on the heuristic evaluation in Miro, designing our mid-fidelity wireframe and prototype in Figma, and she conducted remote usability tests and user interviews during our generative and evaluative research phases. Jacqueline was also great at rooting her design decisions in what users conveyed they had wanted or needed. Aside from her technical skills, Jacqueline was very approachable and worked well in a collaborative environment whether she was leading a task or following someone else's lead. She also maintained professionalism when working with the client and her developer. Finally, Jacqueline was always willing to put in extra time to help the team reach the finish line despite having a major personal task she was also juggling. At the same time, she was good about informing the team when she was not available, demonstrating her ability to practice healthy boundaries. Overall, Jacqueline has both the technical skills and the soft skills needed to be an asset to anyone looking to work with an experienced UX designer."

-Hisako Sonetheavilay, UX Researcher

"I highly recommend working with Jackie, she's has an incredible eye for design, a very strong work ethic and a natural talent for debugging. She's a great teammate who takes initiative, isn't afraid to ask for help or provide feedback. We had such a positive experience collaborating, that we even worked on a side project together, just for fun. I look forward to seeing where she goes next. Feel free to reach out to me via InMail for further details."

-Aaron A., Software Engineer

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